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Delwyn [userpic]
Rec: Through a Shattered Mirror by Rushlight, Harry Potter, slash

Title: Through a Shattered Mirror
Author: Rushlight
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Slash
Warning: Non-Con
Pairing: HP/SS/DM, okay so it's actually a threesome, so sue me.
Link: Through A Shattered Mirror
Status: Complete
Length: Somewhere in the vicinity of 50 pages


I do not read non-con as a general rule, and I especially don't read non-con that has a happy or even semi-happy ending (unless of course that happy ending involves the person who didn't give consent standing over their attacker with a still smoking gun, and that's not really happy, just satisfying). I only read it because it was repeatedly recommended by a friend I trust. But this is a wonderfully constructed, realistic, satisfying, and just beautiful story. It's not a happy story, not really, but it is intense, and the joyful moments are just as intense as the painful ones. If you don't want to know anything about the plot line going in, then don't go behind the cut, because I will be giving up some plot points, not a lot, but I hope enough to allay some fears of others who don't normally read non-con.

Harry is sixteen the war with Voldemort is ongoing and it's going badly. He is taken in the heat of battle by Deatheaters as he stands shocked with the knowledge of Dumbledore's death. Later he is more shocked to find that he isn't killed, but rather given to Snape as a gift for his loyal service to Voldemort. When he later discovers just what kind of gift he is, he is horrified. He is Snape's toy to use as he chooses, though it's clearly expected that he will be used primarily sexually. He soon discovers that he is not the only boy that Snape has been given. Draco Malfoy is also his. Draco is calmly serene, intensely loyal, and absolutely in love with his captor. There are reasons, countless reasons, but what they amount to is that Snape treats him with care, and nobody has ever done that before. Harry is angry at everyone and everything. He's confused by Draco's reactions and by his own. He's cautiously grateful for Snape's gentle manner, and at some point even begins to understand the kind of protection he is afforded by belonging to Snape. Snape is terribly conflicted over his own actions and the necessity of concealing the motivation for them. He's disturbed by his own growing affection for the boys in his care and the pleasure he takes from them.
</lj-cut Through the course of the story, all three learn a lot about themselves and each other. New skills are developed, and not only of the sexual kind. Harry learns that he is someone beyond the Boy Who Lived. It made me cry, more than once. A few moments made me fairly shake with anger. It was intense, incredibly intense. I can't say that it was a pleasure to read, parts of it were painful, but I'm not sorry I read it, and I'll read it again.

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