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del_recs's Journal

Delwyn's Multi-fandom Recommendations
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Because there just aren't enough of them out there, here's my recommendations journal. It will be primarily fanfic oriented, though don't be surprised to see the occasional bit of art, a fanmix, or even a particularly good essay recced here. My fannish loves are all over the map, though currently tend to run heavily to sci-fi and procedural dramas. I read all genres, so there will be recs to all genres. I do tend to read more slash, so there will probably be more slash recs than het or gen recs (I'm guessing somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-70% slash). I'm going to try to post something at least once a week, whether it's one rec or ten (though I won't post any more than that).

I'm kind of obsessively organized, so there are lots and lots of tags. I have a tendency to rec a lot of fic by a single author, so there are author tags, fandom tags, pairing tags when appropriate, and who knows what else. A complete list of tags can be found here

For now, at least, I'm the only one with posting access. I may later change that to allow a couple of friends to rec here as well. I may occasionally call for your recommendations in a particular category, and you're always welcome to send me suggestions either as a comment or via e-mail.